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E-Cigarettes are marvels of technology. They are the epitome of technology and design merging to advance how smokers enjoy nicotine, and free themselves of unnecessary tobacco smoke.

The central unit of the e-cigarette vaporizer is the battery, and for each of our innovative lines, we carry very advanced, powerful batteries with extraordinary features. The battery serves essentially as the power source, however it does more than just turn on and off. It works perfectly in conjunction with the atomizer, cartomizer, and high-performance e-liquids.

Batteries are charged using advanced adapters prior to use. The atomizer connects to the cartomizer, which is the part of the unit that gets filled with the e-liquid. After all parts are properly connected it’s ready for action.

When the user puffs on the e-cigarette, the battery sends a charge of power to the atomizer and cartomizer, which in turn heats the liquid and causes the vaporization. This is how the luscious, flavor-filled, highly-potent, nicotine-rich vapor gets created, and in turn, the user inhales just as they would a puff of smoke.



Accessories (9 items)


Batteries (3 items)

Battery Charger

Battery Charger (4 items)

Quality, Vaporizer / E-Cigg Replacement Coils: Uwell, Starre, SMOK, KangerTech, iSub, Endura, Cerabis, Aspire: Atlantis / Triton, ADT-T1, and More...

Coils (13 items)

An amazing assortment of vape-juice / e-liquids. At Foggy's Vapor, we carry pretty much every flavor you can think of. 0-12mg nicotine juices. Quality vendors, including VGOD & Baked Vapes. Prices in Canadian Dollars.

e-Liquid (104 items)

We have the power! Vape Mods, Mech Mods, TC Mods, Box Mods. Mods are E-Cig batteries. Power Banks, Temp Control, LCD, & more..

Mods (23 items)

RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) are custom hardware for vapers who wind their own custom coils.

RDA (9 items)

Starter Kit
Your vaping indulgence starts here. E-Cigg starter-kits for new users and veterans upgrading to a new device. Canadian prices.

Starter Kit (10 items)

Vape tanks can make a huge difference in your vaping experience. Different vapour and e-liquids require different hardware.

Tanks (12 items)

Quit Smoking, Start Vaping. Quality Vaporizers from Canadian E-Cigg & Juice Distributor: Foggy's Vapor.

Vaporizers (4 items)

Pre-wrapped coils & RDA wire. Kanthal, Ruthless Wraps, Thunderhead Creations.

Wire (5 items)


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At Foggys Vapor we pride ourselves on our quality products and exceptional customer care. We take great pride in every happy customer we have, be it the small time vaper or the 5 year veteran. We have the products you need at the price you want.
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